Tuesday, February 26, 2008

at long last ... a little media mingle

been a while ... but my other projects have been eating up all my time ... rascally fuckers. anyway, so i finally created one of these mixed media stills that i've been rambling on and on about to my buddies ... it's somewhat thrown together, but the aesthetic idea came our pretty well i think. of course, what you'll see on the asciiFx home page is just a creaky little cog within the leviathan wheel-works this intrepid entrepreneur hopes to tame.

i call it "mai tai" in honor of one the most ironically successful fraternity mixers i attended during my college days.

Marv old buddy, this one's for you.

(btw, the text and the image are intentionally misaligned to create a sense of depth and motion. do not adjust your browser.)

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